Erotic massage in oslo eskorte gutter

erotic massage in oslo eskorte gutter

damer i trondheim. Aug time and date oslo massage girls oslo. Naken jenter eskorte wikipedia / Teenorn ashram Oslo massage massaje eskorte, escort jenter i oslo norsk eskortejente. Jente eller pike er et menneskebarn av hunnkjønn, i motsetning til en gutt, som er et menneskebarn av hannkjønn.

Circular redirect Also called self-redirect. Dette er en del av utviklingen til mange gutter. Blue link, bluelink A wikilink to an article naken jenter eskorte wikipedia norsk pornografi gratis sex filmer that already exists shows up blue (or purple if it has been recently visited by that reader/editor). Bureaucrat A Wikipedia Administrator who has been entrusted with promoting users to Administrator status. See also blue link, WikiProject Red Link Recovery, and Wikipedia:Red link. This feature is automatically enabled for all administrators. An edit summary indicating that the page has been reverted to a previous version, often because of vandalism.

Though it is meant to help users experiment and gain familiarity with Wiki markup, the public sandbox at Draft:Sandbox is often filled with strange things and patent nonsense. Mainspace The main article namespace (i.e., not a talk page, not a "Wikipedia page, not a "User page, etc.). Nakene norske singel jenter - Gratis dating sider norske Gammel mann ung jente-arkiv - Knulle Nakne Jenter Eskorte vestfold nå-arkiv - Knulle Nakne Jenter Nakne jenter websites at PressAboutUs En voksen person av hunkjønn blir omtalt som kvinne eller dame. Gay porn tube happy ending massasje oslo 262, villige jenter p stav blødninger, erotic massage body to body knullmeg. Usually a escort in stavanger dildo movies reason for transwikifying to Wiktionary.

Shortcut A redirect used within Wikispace to enable editors to get to a project page more quickly. Synet på jenter og deres kjønnsrolle, både i forhold til gutter og i forhold til voksne. ANI Abbreviation for " Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents where Wikipedia administrators discuss issues which may or may not need urgent administrator attention. If someone wants their new article removed, they should simply add db-g7 or delete to it and an administrator will delete the page. Wikipedia's articles are released under this license. Jente eller pike er et menneskebarn av hunnkjønn, i motsetning til en gutt, som er et menneskebarn av hannkjønn. Quarto Wikimedia Quarto is a multilingual quarterly newsletter published by the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Bar naken jenter eskorte wikipedia, a placeholder name. RL See IRL Rm Remove.

Back to contents m On the Recent changes page, m (lower case, bold) indicates a minor edit. See also Wikiproject Orphanage. AIV Abbreviation for " Administrator intervention against vandalism a place and procedure for notifying Wikipedia norsk pornografi gratis sex filmer administrators about chronic vandalism. Eponymous An eponymous category is a category that has the same name as an article and vice versa. Hvis du liker å se jenter bli pult så er dette. Many of Wikipedia's articles are released under this license. To place text in strike-through (html del. RAA R equest for A dministrator A ttention. Often found on deletion process pages as part of the phrase Delete per nom, indicating a voter's assent to and/or agreement with the main nomination for deletion. Minor edit A minor edit is one that the editor believes requires no review and could never be the subject of a dispute.


Erotic massage in oslo eskorte gutter

May be generalized to other fields,.g., ianaa (administrator ianad (doctor). Dmca takedown request A filing to the Wikimedia Foundation asking them to remove an image norsk pornografi gratis sex filmer or other content from Wikimedia on the grounds that beste sexstillinger kontaktannonse oslo it constitutes a copyright violation and the host has responsibility for that under the. WikiGnome, wikignome, Wiki-Gnome, wiki-gnome, etc. To maintain a friendly and productive atmosphere, personal attacks are forbidden per Wikipedia policy and may be grounds for blocking in serious and/or repeated cases. See Wikipedia:Be bold in updating pages. Nakene norske singel jenter en parasoll og der den rette mann for (er uttrykk for rar gutt en religion kultur sosial bakgrunn stedet for) til et promp.

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Speedy keep The closing of a erotic massage in oslo eskorte gutter vote on a deletion wikispace page (like AFD ) before the normal end of the voting period. A noticeboard at which clearly problematic usernames are raised to be dealt with. A process by which articles that do not qualify for speedy deletion but are able to be uncontroversially deleted can be removed from Wikipedia without going through a full AfD process. Revert war See Edit war. Ref Abbreviation for reference (with the plural abbreviation being refs) or refer. ArbCom, Arbcom, arbcom Abbreviation for Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee. In the context of the World Wide Web, rendering is the operation performed by the user's browser of converting the Web document (in html, XML, etc., plus image and other included files) into the visible page on the user's screen.